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Little changes make big differences.


Little changes make big differences.

That is why we are drawing your attention to this update.

By changing the protocol of our Calcium Arsenazo kit (code:HB0030 and HB0030A), we were able to greatly enhance the accuracy and precision of this kit on the CYANStart, CYANSmart and CYANExpert 130.

The changes are small, but they have a big impact.


However, to achieve this impact, we need your assistance in forwarding this information to our Calcium Arsenazo users.

Can we count on you?


The changes to the procedure are the following:

  1. An increased aspiration volume (from 500µl to 800 µl)
  2. An Increased amount of sample volume (from 10 to 20 µl)
  3. Removal of the incubation of the reaction at 37°C


The following documentation is now available to inform our Calcium Arsenazo customers.

  1. INSERT with the renewed protocol (version 8.0)
    1. HB0030 Calcium Arsenazo 2 x 125 ml
    2. HB0030A Calcium Arsenazo 8 x 125ml


  1. Application sheets
    1. CYANStart
    2. CYANSmart
    3. CYANExpert130


  1. Method files
    1. CYANSmart
    2. CYANExpert130


Our fresh lot CaA-00251A is released with a notice of the change included in the kit.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions.

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