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New Sodium Enzymatic


We are pleased to introduce our new Sodium Enzymatic kit with 40 + 20 ml volume (item code HB0340).
This quick and precipitation free reagent is ideal for use on semi-automates and automates. It is economical and budget friendly and it also avoids the expense of ISE electrodes.
This enables the lab to have a variable cost structure and to avoid heavy investments.
This new kit is twice the size of the old Sodium Enzymatic kit HB034 (volume 20 + 10 ml) which it replaces.
As we kept the same prices, this means that the cost per test halved!
The new Sodium Enzymatic kit (HB0340, 40 + 20 ml) performs up to 66 tests on the CYANSmart and up to 200 tests on the CYANExpert 130.
Our new Sodium Enzymatic kit (HB0340, 40 + 20 ml) is in stock and ready for shipment.

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