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BIS: Gram Positive and Anaerobes

  • Method:

    Gram positive bacteria and anaerobes

  • Package:

    16 t

  • Product code:


  • CE:


  • Storage temperature:

    2 - 25 °C

  • Clinical significance:

    Bacterial infections account for a large proportion of people admitted to hospitals every year as well as some acquired by patients already in medical care. These can be caused by the ingestion of contaminated food or the exposure to nonsterile environments through wounds where opportunistic pathogenic bacteria are present. The symptoms and treatment vary and although some clues can be obtained from the patient’s symptoms, the causative agent needs to be determined in order for a complete understanding of the nature of infection, its origin, and the appropriate treatment. It is therefore of immense importance to characterize and identify these bacteria.

  • Intended use:

    The Cypress Diagnostics Bacterial Identification System: Gram Positive / Anaerobes (Bis-Plus) kit is a standardized identification panel for common Gram positive bacteria (Gram positive cocci), corynebacteria (Gram positive rods), and anaerobes (both Gram positive and Gram negative anaerobes), consisting of 24-27 miniaturized biochemical tests. This package insert is intended for the use of Cypress Diagnostics Bis-Plus kit for the identification of Gram Positive and Gram Negative Anaerobes.

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