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CL017 Dry Incubator: is ready!



The color touch screen displays the individual timers for all 20 test tubes. You can program up to 10 specific timer cycles. Each program has a unique name, up to three timer combinations (count-down or count-up), optional buzzers, and the option to continue to the next timer cycle automatically or not.

You can select the programs per row or for the entire block.



With an individual timer for every tube, you will always know how long the incubation was. You have more convenience to multitask, you work more accurately, and you have fewer hiccups. That is convenient.

You will save a lot of money by avoiding chronometers purchases too.

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How much will you save with CL017 Dry Incubator?

Made for clinical laboratories

Dry Incubator

Dry Incubator

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