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June: Preorder your next CYANCyte 560 Control


We advise you to perform Quality Controls frequently. Quality Controls in the range are an objective confirmation of the clinical validity of your results.

It is also a legal requirement and good laboratory practice.

Our hematology controls are made of fresh blood cells and therefore have a limited shelf life of two (2) months. Because of this, it is impossible to stock them. We, therefore, produce this item to order.

Planning and preordering your CYANCyte 560 Control (CY010-C02) is essential to receive the controls on time and with most shelflife remaining.

This way, we can ensure stock availability and timely logistics.

The next order deadline is: 21/06/2021.

(The item will be ready for shipment by 12/10/2021)

Note for CYANCyte 560 customers with a reagent consumption contract:

  • Six times per year, we automatically produce a control kit (CY010-C02) for you. One CY010-C02 kit is available to you from each new lot. Concerned distributors should contact us on time with their shipment preferences.
  • For additional consumption, preordering is recommended.

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The CYANCyte 560 Control

Hematology Controls L/N/H

Hematology Controls L/N/H

3 x 3 mL | CY010-C02