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Notification for end users: updated the value sheet for HBC01, HBC02, and HBC03


Reason for the update to the value tables:

These items are made of natural materials. Like all biological products, biochemistry controls and calibrators are subject to some natural decay. We, therefore, measure the analytes in these products at regular intervals to track the evolution of their respective concentrations.

During this last measurement, we conclude that a value reassignment is required for: Bilirubin Direct, Uric Acid, ALP (alkaline phosphatase) and GPT(ALT).
The immediate consequence is that the value tables for the Normal Control, Pathological Control, and Calibrator were updated. You will find the new versions in the here below.

When using these new values, you will obtain a better accuracy on your Levey Jennings Graph.
This modification affects only future Quality Control measurements. Historical QC analysis remain unimpacted by this update. This revision has no influence on already run clinical samples and the clinical interpretation of patient samples in the future.

Performing calibrations and using quality controls regularly is an essential laboratory practice. It gives scientific validity to the reported results.

Please notify all concerned team members about this update!

We have updated the value sheet of the below products:

Biochemistry Normal Control

Reference code HBC01

Lot No. 295770, 295770/2 and 295770/3 (all expiry date 28/03/2024)

Biochemistry Pathological Control

Reference code HBC02

Lot No. 295300 and 295300/2 (expiry date 28/03/2024) and 295300/3 (expiry date 28/12/2022)

Biochemistry Calibrator

Reference code HBC03

Lot No. 295310 (expiry date 28/03/2024)

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