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Updated Application Sheets


What are Application Sheets?

Application Sheets are instructions on how to use our biochemistry kits on a specific biochemistry analyzer. They contain the best advice for the best results.

What is the difference with the instructions for use found in the kits?

The instructions for use are not analyzer specific. They are made for use with photometers with plastic cuvettes and manual calculations. They give a "general" idea on how to use the kits.
Application sheets are analyzer specific. They consider the analyzer specifics (like calculation methods, measurement interval, blank options, wavelengths...) and include expert advice on how to improve the precision and accuracy of the results.

How is the precision and accuracy "improved"?
One important factor is the reduction of carryover of samples and reagents. A carryover occurs when the residue of a previous liquid influences the current measurement.
The reduction in carryover is obtained by optimizing aspiration volumes, air gaps and washing cycles.
Other techniques for improvement are changes to the incubation time, the use of a secondary wavelength and modifications to the sample or reagent ratios.


What changed specifically now?

The units

We standardized the units and the decimal separator we use in our documentation. We did this to be consistent and clear. All information published since January 2021 is in conventional units and we use a comma "," as a decimal separator.

If you prefer to work in SI units, you can find the analyte specific conversion factors here.

Special remark for the CYANExpert 130:

  • The software cannot handle a comma "," as a decimal separator
  • The application sheet is therefore not fully updated to our new standard.

Aspiration volume (CYANSmart and CYANVision)

By increasing the aspiration volume without changing the preparation volume per test, we obtain a significant improvement in the precision of the tests. A reduction of the carryover achieves this precision.

We, therefore, recommend increasing the aspiration volume for Semi-automatic methods from 500 to 800 µl. This advice has no impact on the number of tests per kit. The advised preparation of 1 ml per test is unchanged.

Where can I find the new application sheets?

Please download the updated application sheets here.

How can I implement these updates to my analyzer?

To avoid updating your analyzer configuration manually, you can upload the below method files to your analyzer.

Method files are analyzer readable files that enable you to update the reagent programming quickly and conveniently.

Please download the update updated method files here:

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