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Why do we offer a microbiology solution?


Bacterial infections account for a large proportion of healthcare issues. Identifying which bacteria causes the condition quickly and clearly enables doctors to understand and choose appropriate treatments. Bacterial identification is essential.

Too often, microbiology testing is limited to the larger healthcare facilities in bigger cities.

Because of this, precious time is wasted, unnecessary lives are lost, and suffering is amplified.

Proximity to the patient is crucial.

Our Bacterial Identification System (BIS) focuses on laboratories with a new to moderate microbiology workload. BIS helps to save more lives and contributes to quicker recovery. This is important to us.

Cypress Diagnostics provides the tools and solutions that empower clinical laboratories worldwide to deliver clear and precise diagnostic results to doctors.

With each test, we contribute to make the world a better place.

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BIS: Neisseria

BIS: Neisseria

24 t | Bis-NEISS

BIS: Gram Negative

BIS: Gram Negative

16 t | Bis-NEG-D

BIS: Gram Positive and Anaerobes

BIS: Gram Positive and Anaerobes

16 t | Bis-PLUS-D

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