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About Cypress Diagnostics

Clinical laboratory specialist for 27 years with 75 million tests sold per year.

Patients and doctors have questions.

Laboratories give answers.

Cypress Diagnostics makes it possible.


Our solutions screen and monitor the most common conditions quickly and clearly. We enable doctors to understand and choose appropriate treatments.

We are experts, working for healthcare professionals.


We believe that proximity to the patient is crucial. Patients should not have to travel to larger healthcare facilities in bigger cities for routine testing.

We save time, suffering, and lives by bringing primary and secondary healthcare units to communities.


With each test, we make the world a better place.

Notice the difference!

27 years of expertise

27 years of expertise

With 27 years of experience, Cypress Diagnostics is the company to turn to for quality analyzers and kits. Thanks to all these years of experience, we know the tricks of the trade.

Scientific validity above all

Scientific validity above all

If you choose the Cypress Diagnostics products, you have the guarantee of quality and accurate analyses. We design our solutions according to the strictest standards and regulations to meet your expectations.

Return on investment

Return on investment

After installing your analyzer, our experts will advise you and help you get the most out of your equipment. In the event of a problem, we help you immediately through our local partners.

A supported implementation

A supported implementation

Our certified distributors take care of the smallest details for each new project. Your analyzer will be installed, and your team trained.

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What do we manufacture?

Explore the Cypress Diagnostics product range. We are a supplier for clinical laboratories. Our factory is located in Hulshout in Belgium.

What is our quality policy?

Patients come first! Quality is our duty. We earn the trust of healthcare professionals by delivering on our commitments. We commit to caring, clarity, and credibility. We work with your best interest in mind. We ensure that our equipment lasts and we provide after-sales support to our customers.

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