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Activate your warranty now!

Register your new Cypress Diagnostics (CYAN) analyzers and laboratory equipment.

This registration enables you to activate the instrument's warranty and benefit from the peace of mind, manufacturer support (performed through the distributor), notices of important updates, and many more advantages.

It takes about 2 minutes to register your instrument.

Don't miss out!

For analyzers

Activate your warranty and get helpful tips and tricks!

After the registration of your analyzer, you will receive emails to:

  • learn you how to use the analyzer
  • guide you towards the user manuals
  • assist you with the routine maintenance
  • tips and tricks

If you like, we can send this information to your colleagues too! They can subscribe by following this link.

Please feel free to contact our local distributor for more information.

For laboratory equipment

Activate your warranty!


We earn the trust of healthcare professionals by delivering on our commitments. We commit to caring, clarity, and credibility.


In practice

We work with your best interest in mind. We ensure that our equipment lasts and we provide after-sales support to our customers. We keep up-to-date instructions for use and user manuals at your disposal at www.diagnostics.be. Please consult.

We are clear about the intended use, specifications, and limitations of our products.

We build our credibility by manufacturing products for clear, precise, and accurate results. We guarantee that our reagents perform as described in the instructions for use until the expiration date if used and stored correctly.


The equipment warranty

All analyzers and equipment are sold with one (1) year warranty[1].

The warranty starts upon the registration of the equipment or analyzer at https://diagnostics.be/warranty. This warranty covers spare parts[2] on an FCA Hulshout basis.

The user manual gives helpful advice on getting the most out of your analyzer, getting better results, and making the equipment last longer.



Please share your product experience, questions, quality challenges, or defects with us at https://diagnostics.be/report.

Our specialists are committed to helping you.


[1] From 1/1/2023 only registered equipment benefits from the warranty policy. All equipment is considered to be in use 6 months after the date of invoicing to the distributor.

[2] The Cypress Diagnostics warranty excludes:

  • Workhours, financial damages, or lost revenue
  • Damages due to improper use of the instrument (not according to the instructions), or insufficient (or missing) preventive maintenance by the user/service engineer or power surges and electrical instability
  • Parts subject to wear and tear by normal use or consumables and accessories in contact with liquid (pump tubes, lamps, rims…)

Warranty and quality policy

We just updated our policy to make it simpler and clearer.

Our latest catalog with all our products

The catalog

Our ISO 13485 certificate ISO 13485:2016

ISO 13485 Certificate

Disclaimer: this information is indicative and subject to change without prior notice. Use the documentation included with the products.

If in doubt, contact us.