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Check the accuracy and linearity of your analyzer

The validation liquid is easy to use, quick, and gives insightful information.

Diomar S.

Medical Lab Technologist

University of Belize

It's easy!

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The CYVAL kit contains 6 vials or Levels. Each vial has a specific concentration ranging from 0,2 AU to 2,5 AU. For most concentrations (Levels), you must perform two measurements, except for Level 8 where 10 measurements are required. We strongly advise to start with level 8 (+/- 0,2 AU) and move to level 3 (+/- 2,5 AU) because this reduces the effect of cross contamination.

With our validation liquids, you can check your analyzer.
The results of these measurements will indicate if the optical system of your biochemistry analyzer is working correctly. It also helps you differentiate between reagent or analyzer problems.

Download the instructions for use here!

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