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At Cypress Diagnostics BV (Nijverheidsstraat 8, 2235 Hulshout, Belgium) the protection of the privacy of customers and visitors is guaranteed in compliance with all applicable legal rules and regulations. By visiting the Cypress Diagnostics web site, you may make details available about yourself or your company, such as your name and address to be used by Cypress Diagnostics BV to operate efficient customer management, to address your queries or to consider your application.

Cypress Diagnostics BV will be responsible for the processing of such data. This information is exclusively intended for internal use. The information will in no way be transmitted to other organizations for commercial purposes. We have no partnerships or special conventions with commercial organizations on the internet. You have the right to access your personal data and the right to obtain rectification of your possibly inaccurate personal data.

You accept and acknowledge the fact that third parties may gain access to information which is sent across a public network and that Cypress Diagnostics BV or one or more of its wholly - owned subsidiaries or affiliates, in no way can be held liable or responsible in the event any such information were to be used illicitly. In addition, you accept and acknowledge the fact that Cypress Diagnostics BV, at its sole discretion, may rely upon the services of suppliers for the purpose of providing technical support for the Cypress Diagnostics website, such as the management of web servers, the backing up of information, etc.

If you would like to comment on one of the above-described policies, you can always contact us on cypress@diagnostics.be, Tel: ++ 32 15 67 67 68, Nijverheidsstraat 8, 2235 Hulshout, Belgium.

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