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Congratulations on your CYANVision!

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1. Register your CYANVision

Activate your warranty and get helpful tips and tricks!

This registration enables you to activate the warranty and benefit from the peace of mind, support, notices of important updates, and many more advantages. Don't miss out!

2. Video instructions

Yes, plenty of videos!

Discover how to use, mantain, calibrate and much more!

2. Video instructions

Please enjoy our presentations to discover the principles of biochemistry, how to use, maintain and calibrate your analyzer.

Download our presentations:

  1. General biochemistry presentation (save to your computer, then open de document)
  2. Bilirubin tips and tricks (save to your computer, then open de document)

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    3. Calibrate


    Calibration is necessary because it influences the calculation factors.

    Verifying and correcting these factors contributes to accurate measurements, which is fundamental for producing conclusive clinical test results

    4. Perform regular Quality Controls


    Quality Controls in the range are an objective confirmation of the clinical validity of your results

    It is also a legal requirement and good laboratory practice.

    5. Important to know


    Service news: new software version 2.04

    We are pleased to announce the new software version 2.04 for the CYANVision analyzer. This version fixes some minor bugs, thereby making the CYANVision even more user friendly.

    This new software is fully compatible with all existing CYANVision instruments. We advise you to upgrade all CYANVision analysers already installed in the field to ensure that all users can benefit from the improved functions.

    Contact us for more assistance.


    Important notice

    Date: 21st of May 2021

    Applicable to:

    • CYANVision CY014
    • Software versions 2.01 or lower
    • Only if in the Regional Settings “.”point is used as a decimal separator

    Issue: The point “.” is not recognized in the value concentration

    Consequence: The concentration value of the factor is multiplied by 10 or 100. Example: 12.15 becomes 1215,00 (100x more)

    Solution: Set the Regional Settings to the “,” comma temporarily

    Official note: download here (valid till 26/08/2021)

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    6. Assistance

    The CYANVision Helper gives you quick and to-the-point advice on how to handle out of range auto zero values, reagent blanks, calibrations or quality controls.

    Select your issue, and let us guide you step by step to the solution.

    CYANVision Helper

    CYANVision product documentation



    Unit | CY014

    Biochemistry Normal Control

    Biochemistry Normal Control

    4 x 5 mL | HBC01

    Biochemistry Pathological Control

    Biochemistry Pathological Control

    4 x 5 mL | HBC02

    Biochemistry Calibrator

    Biochemistry Calibrator

    4 x 3 mL | HBC03

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