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CYANVision user training

On this page, we will guide you from unboxing to installing to using the CYANVision analyzer.

Let's start with the warranty registration.

1. Activate the warranty!

This registration enables you to activate the instrument's warranty and benefit from the peace of mind, manufacturer support (performed through the distributor), notices of important updates, and many more advantages.

It takes about 2 minutes to register your instrument. Don't miss out!

Activate the warranty!

2. Unboxing and installation

In this video, we present the CYANVision unboxing and installation. We show you the contents of the CY014, give advise on the suitable location for use and demonstrate the installation. Quick and easy!

3. Discover the CYANVision software

This video is useful for new users to familiarize with the basic menus of the CYANVision. In the second video we demonstrate how you can customize the system settings and the programs to your needs.

Does your CYANVision have the latest software version?

We recommend using the latest CYANVision Software version: 3.00.01

This version fixes some minor bugs, thereby making the CYANVision, even more, user-friendly. This new software is fully compatible with all existing CYANVision instruments. We advise you to upgrade all CYANVision analyzers already installed in the field to ensure that all users can benefit from the improved functions. (Illustratieve video. The version number shown is outdated.)

Illustratieve video. The version number shown is outdated.

4. The daily startup with checklist

In these videos, we present the WTWA of the startup checklist and how to perform the reagent blank measurement

5. Calibration and Quality Control

What happens when you calibrate the CYANVision? We demonstrate how to perform quality controls on the CYANVision.

Good to know


Calibration is necessary because it influences the calculation factors.

Verifying and correcting these factors contributes to accurate measurements, which is fundamental for producing conclusive clinical test results


Perform regular Quality Controls

Quality Controls in the range are an objective confirmation of the clinical validity of your results
It is also a legal requirement and good laboratory practice.

6. Test patient samples

In this video, we demonstrate how to measure patient samples.

7. Using the worklist

Discover how to use the worklist and see how it improves your user experience when executing tests on the semi-automated biochemistry analyzer CYANVision CY014. The worklist is a free software tool included in the CYANVision. Organize and prioritize your biochemistry workload with the help of the CYANVision worklist. It allows you to log patient data, provides an overview of your tasks, recommends a testing sequence, reduces turnaround time, and significantly lowers the reagent consumption. This feature is exclusive to CYANVision and saves your time, increases your profits, and streamlines your operations.

Check the other CYANVision videos

We have a dedicated page with 19 other videos relating to using and maintaining the CYANVision.

These videos cover the end of the day cleaning, pump calibration, weekly disinfection procedure, pump cassette replacement, scanning QR codes, the basic principles of biochemistry in clinical diagnostics and much more!

CYANVision video showcase

8. Can we help you?

Let us guide you step by step to the solution

With our The CYANVision Helper, we give quick and to-the-point advice on how to handle: out of range auto zero values, out of range reagent blanks, calibration issues, quality controls issues

The assistance in the embedded format:

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