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RPR carbon 150 t

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  • Package:

    150 t

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  • Storage temperature:

    2 - 8 °C

  • Clinical significance:

    Syphilis is a chronic infection, caused by the spirochaete Treponema pallidum, which progresses through distinct stages of infection: primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary. These stages produce diverse clinical symptoms, typically producing initial chancres then syphilitic rash followed by long periods of dormancy and may eventually lead to cardiovascular problems and neurosyphilis. Tests for syphilis fall into four categories: direct microscopic examination; treponemal antibody tests; non-treponemal antibody tests and direct antigen tests. Non-treponemal test are important to follow up antibiotic therapies. If the therapy is efficient, non treponemal titers will significantly decrease. RPR carbon is one such test.

  • Intended use:

    Infectious disease - Agglutination Test