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CY006-C01A and CY006-C02A Values


We advise you to perform Quality Controls frequently. Quality Controls in the range are an objective confirmation of the clinical validity of your results.

It is also a legal requirement and good laboratory practice.

LOT 21010422-23-24

Lot: 21010422, 21010423 and 21010424

CYANHemato Control (CY006-C01A and CY006-C02A)

LOT 12980422-23-24

Lot: 12980422, 12980423 and 12980424

CYANHemato Control (CY006-C01A and CY006-C02A)

LOT 20170422-23-24

Lot: 20170422, 20170423 and 20170424

CYANHemato Control (CY006-C01A and CY006-C02A)

CYANHemato Control

Control vial normal

Control vial normal

1 x 2,5 mL | CY006-C01A

Hematology Controls L/N/H

Hematology Controls L/N/H

3 x 2,5 mL | CY006-C02A

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